Individuals and Sole Traders

Completing a tax return is often seen as a burden. But return it late, or even incorrectly completed, and it can be costly. At T&A Kirk we will process your tax return quickly and effectively – all the while helping you think about ways to maximise your earnings by reducing your tax liabilities.


We offer a range of services that can be tailored to suit the specific needs of any business. We will help with the usual corporation tax and VAT planning, but our experience stretches way beyond submitting compliant annual accounts.


Annual accounts are about much more than just appeasing your accountant, or putting your business plan together. As an official public record, they uphold your reputation in the eyes of your customers, your suppliers (and even your competitors).

Having well-produced annual accounts opens up opportunities for growth too. For example, banks will often require end of year accounts if a company is applying for overdraft facilities and loans.

Plus, every business must submit its accounts to HM Revenue & Customs, so accuracy is crucial if you want to prevent costly and unnecessary tax enquiries.

The demands for different trading vehicles vary too. Whether you are a straightforward sole trader, a general partnership or a limited company, the right guidance is crucial. Our experience not only means we show you what is required. We will also advise you if we think a different structure would work in your favour – it is not unusual for a sole trader to move to a limited company, for example.

It doesn’t matter whether you produce yearly or monthly accounts – getting them right is imperative for businesses of all sizes. And the experienced guidance of a specialist will take away the headaches associated with producing them. Perhaps more importantly, this guidance will ensure that your company upholds the reputation it has taken time to build.

Our Services

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