Something as simple as a payday error can damage your reputation with your most valuable asset: your employees – as well as dent your credibility across your industry.

Yet this is just one of the things to keep on top of with payroll. There’s constantly changing legislation. Then there’s complying with the complex HMRC tax requirements, and the issue of holding sensitive payroll data on-site.

But employing an experienced member of staff to carry out an efficient payroll function can be expensive. And this is why many businesses – irrespective of their size – outsource some or all of their functions to a specialist.

Why use T&A Kirk?

Using our payroll specialists means more than just cost savings. It also means accuracy, and paying your employees on time. And it provides you with the peace of mind that confidentiality is upheld.

We fit around your needs. You might be looking for a small Director-only payroll service, or perhaps you are a larger business wanting to outsource the whole function. We’ll certainly ensure everything is done smoothly and swiftly with minimal disruption to your everyday work.

We can provide a comprehensive payroll bureau service, even acting as a point of contact for your employees if you need us to. This saves you dealing with all your employees’ payroll queries.

And with more and more obligation falling on the shoulders of employers, we’ll take the worry away. We can deal with things such as your RTI returns and pension, auto enrolment compliance and reporting on your behalf.

Some of the payroll functions we offer:

  • Register payroll schemes for new employers
  • Carry out salary calculations
  • Deal with payroll variables such as overtime, commission/bonuses, holidays and maternity
  • Handle sick pay, maternity pay, paternity pay etc.
  • Make pension deductions
  • Provide auto enrolment administration
  • Make court order deductions
  • Give tax advice on termination payments
  • Deliver payslips
  • Report and manage payments to tax authorities
  • Provide you with customised reports (broken down by department)
  • Do your monthly Real Time Information (RTI) returns
  • Complete all statutory forms (including end of year employee returns like P60s)
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